Welcome!  You have reached the Official Fern Forest Community Association Website.  No other web access has the legal authority to use this name or represent the Fern Forest Community Association Board and the Community of Fern Forest Vacation Estates in Puna, County of Hawaii, Hawaii.  This site represents the Court Mandated, State approved FFCA Board, which is responsible for the collection of road fees (MRMA) and road maintenance in the Fern Forest Community.   (Court Document


There are other claimants to the name. among them is the Facebook ‘Fern Forest Bulletin’ page which is an unregulated board that is emotionally driven and quite unreliable in its content.  Don’t be confused or misled.  Please address all questions to the sources noted on this page.  

Need contact information fast?  Access the Frequently Asked Questions page!  The page includes contact info,  Neighborhood watch contacts, Fired Department Contacts, and an explanation of fees and meeting times. FFCA telephone: (808-968-9070)

The Fern Forest Community Association (FFCA) was established in 1978 and in 2018 began its 40th year of operation. The FFCA’s mission since its inception has been “to improve the quality of life in the Fern Forest Subdivision of Puna, Hawaii, by initiating physical improvements to common property resources within the subdivision [and] initiating other projects for the common benefit of Fern Forest residents and landowners.” (Charter of Incorporation)

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fern Forest

Public Monthly Board Public Meetings have been temporarily suspended due to the constant threat and harassment of a small group of members. This on the advice of Police, and Legal Counsel.   Monthly Meeting notes continue to be posted as they become available.  If you have any questions or comments please forward them to the FFCA office and your concerns will be brought before the board and you will receive a response.  


The primary responsibility of the Fern Forest Community Association Corporation, as mandated by the courts, and stated in the by-laws,  is to maintain and improve the roads within the Fern Forest  Vacation Estates community. There are over 42 miles of roads in The Forest, the majority of these are gravel surfaced or simply ripped. Elevations rise from 1900 to 2800 feet. The longest roads cross this elevation in less than 5 miles, an average change of nearly 200 feet per mile, with many road sections showing significantly greater grade.   The terrain is primarily ‘Aila’au Pahoehoe (ropey generally solid lava) of late 15th Century flows, now with a thin forest cover traversed by large intrusive lava features.  Coupled with the forest’s high rainfall, which can average well over 30 inches a month, the task of keeping roads in repair is challenging.  In addition, the radically increased traffic and higher average vehicle speeds over the last decade have accelerated roadway degradation, magnifying the maintenance challenge.

State and Federal agencies have moved to restrict the types of materials that can be used on gravel road surfaces and are requiring increased dust mitigation. ( The Fern Forest area often suffers from dry conditions that promote dust when vehicle travel is at excessive speeds.)  

At the same time, Governments Administrative bodies are restricting the availability of suitable and affordable materials. Finally, increased costs for materials and equipment rental reduce the efficiency of funds available for roadway maintenance. These are the hard facts that must be dealt with on a daily basis.

Significantly, the Fern Forest Community Association has moved all financial operations into the hands of a Professional Accounting Service (PAS), as is now required in the revised By-Laws (2018). The PAS manages all collections and payments for the Association.  This has greatly increased the efficiency of fee collections and greatly reduced the possibility of uncontrolled or unauthorized funds uses. The current FFCA board handles no funds. Road work is monitored, inputs confirmed, and payments approved through the PAS.  Monthly Sources and Uses of Funds statements are issued and available. The government required reporting is provided in a timely manner. All fee payments are mailed directly to the PAS (Accounting Service) address, and collections, banking and record keeping are carried out by the PAS. The PAS has also assumed management of the yearly ballot collection procedures and of assuring a proper chain of ballot custody, with the ballots counted publically at the association’s annual meeting.

The Fern Forest Community Association also works with affiliated organizations in the Fern Forest Community.  The Hawaii County Fire Department maintains Volunteer Fire Company 5 Charlie in the Forest and, stations an engine at the FFCA main lot.  The Fern Forest Neighborhood Watch (FFNW) volunteers meet monthly at the FFCA main lot, and its activities are well coordinated with the FFCA.  The Fern Forest Community Association maintains a regular dialogue with the Hawaii County Police Department and has begun to establish contacts with neighboring community organizations as well. Finally, the board has contacted local and state elected officials and joined in the dialogue over issues that directly affect the Fern Forest Community– road use, safety, maintenance, and connectivity are the primary focus of these discussions.

The Fern Forest Community Association is operated almost entirely by community volunteers.   Your participation is welcome!  If you wish to find out more about Volunteering with the FFCA please contact the Office.   Our Fern Forest community is stronger if we all stand and work together.  The progress of this community is the result of the efforts of many association members over the last 40 years!

To find detailed information for your property in Fern Forest Vacation Estates Sub-division, follow this link to the County of Hawai’i Real Property Tax location online.

Mahalo to all our community members past and present for volunteering their efforts over the many years, leading the FFCA forward in its mission.

FFCA By-Laws  as amended 12/2017 and reviewed 12/18

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